and Strabismus

Take care of your child’s ocular health!

Know your child’s eyes are in the best hands!

Regular appointments with you pediatric ophthalmologist are fundamental to monitor the development of your kids vision. In these visits doctors can detect visual difficulties and problems and have a precise diagnosis and treatment plan for your child to prevent any future conditions like: lazy eye, strabismus, or refractive problems.

Alert symptoms to visit your doctor

As parents, detecting these symptoms will help us take care of our kids eyes. Take your child to their pediatric ophthalmologist if you see any of these symptoms:

Red eyes

Constant tearing

Eye rubbing

Sensibility to light

Lost gaze

When to visit your pediatric ophthalmologist ?

When born, babies get their first ocular morphology exam to rule out any visual illnesses. After that routine checkups should be scheduled in the following ages:

Our Consults

Our specialists conduct a series of routine exams to detect any visual problems. Our pediatric ophthalmology services include:

General Ophthalmology



Pediatric Retina

Our specialists in Ophthalmopediatrics

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