Cornea Diseases

Don’t let a disease in your cornea affect your vision.

What is the cornea?

The cornea is a part of the eye that allows the entrance of light into the eyes interior. It is a thin transparent membrane that covers the iris and pupil. Another main function it has is to protect the eye from germs and help with your visions focus.

Problems of the cornea

Refraction Errors




Cornea Diseases

Corneal leukoma

It is a condition that produces opacity in the cornea


It is inflammation of the cornea and may be related to infections

Corneal Infections

These infections can cause dryness, foreign bodies in the eye, among others.


It occurs when the cornea begins to thin and bulge out.

Exams and Diagnosis

The diagnosis of problems with the cornea is done by our trained specialists. Depending on the diagnosis, treatments may vary from medications to a cornea transplant.

If you are experiencing unfocused vision, light sensitivity, gritty eyes or other symptoms, you must schedule your appointment with one of our specialists.

Don’t let a condition in your cornea affect your vision!

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