Does eye cancer exist?

It does and it must be treated because it may cause loss of vision and even death. The first possible symptom of this illness is an ulcer that develops and does hurt as much. While in other cases it manifests itself in the surface of the eye and it is mistaken with an pterygium. It may even develop on the posterior part of the eye and never have any symptoms.

Types of eye Cancer

Ocular Melanoma

This is the most common type of cancer and it develops generally in the uvea. It may extend to other parts of the organism.

Primary intraocular

It is a tumor composed of lymphoid cells that affect the retina and the vitreous.


This cancer affects kids and is caused by a genetic mutation. It begins in the retina and can multiply itself in other parts of the body.

and adnexal cancers

Affect eyelids, tear glands, muscles and nerves associated with the ocular system.

Symptoms you may develop:

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