Your vision problems may have deep neurological causes.

What is

Neuro-ophthalmology treats diseases that manifest themselves affecting your vision and are directly related with our nervous system.

Most common neuro – ophthalmologic conditions

Optic neuritis

This condition presents itself then the optic nerve gets swollen and therefore your vision gets reduced. It may be related to different neurologic problems like multiple sclerosis.

Migraine Aura

This is the temporary alteration or loss of vision before a migraine episode.

Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

Alteration of your anterior optic nerve due to the loss of blood flow.


Inflammation of both optic nerves due to the increase of intracranial pressure.


The main symptom of this condition is “double vision”. It may be causes by a damaged nerve.

Specific alterations of the visual field

There are different types of alterations in the visual field that can be caused by a specific damage in the optic pathways.

Warning Signs

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